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Mike's Vision

"Through fiscal responsibility, carefully-planned economic growth, and citizen-focused leadership, I believe Fluvanna can successfully diversify its tax base and meet the demands of the 21st century without sacrificing its rural character." - Mike Goad

Fiscal Responsibility & Efficiency

At the local level, taxes are a necessary evil that county residents should witness working for them each and every day—not a blank check for county officials to spend as they wish. Once elected, Mike will work to ensure that your tax dollars work responsibly and efficiently for you, while also ensuring that our law enforcement, emergency services, schools, and core social services are adequately supported. 


With much economic uncertainty in the world today, Mike is concerned that Fluvanna residents will be facing yet another substantial increase in personal property and real estate taxes this year. Once elected, Mike will work tirelessly to keep taxes low and will fight any changes to the current land use tax code that provides special valuations to landowners who provide agricultural, horticultural, forestry, or open-space benefits to the county and its residents.      

Preserving Fluvanna's Rural Character

Since its founding in 1777, Fluvanna County has prided itself on its rural character, and Mike is dedicated to preserving this centuries-long tradition. Despite the pressures—and necessities—of growth, Mike believes that Fluvanna should remain a safe haven for those wanting to live a quiet, rural lifestyle in Central Virginia.   

Growth in Fluvanna

Growth is both inevitable and necessary if Fluvanna is to properly meet the demands of the 21st century. As your Supervisor, Mike will ensure that growth in the county is carefully-planned, location-appropriate, and citizen-oriented. Most importantly, Mike will always vote to ensure that the pressures and necessities of growth do not come at the expense of Fluvanna’s rural character. In doing so, Mike believes that Fluvanna can diversify its tax base—taking pressure off citizens in the form of personal property and real estate taxes—without compromising the rural Fluvanna that we all know and love.

Residential vs. Economic Growth

The Colonial Circle development has brought the issue of residential development to the forefront in Fluvanna County. Mike understands that residential development only increases the already disproportionate tax burden currently shouldered by Fluvanna County residents. As such, Mike will work to prioritize sensible, location-appropriate economic growth over residential development. In doing so, Mike believes that Fluvanna can successfully diversify it's tax base without compromising the county's rural character. 

Utility-Scale Solar

With utility-scale solar projects currently being proposed in West Bottom and Kidds Store, it is evident that the Fork Union District will be at the center of the utility-scale solar debate in Fluvanna County. As the Fork Union District Planning Commissioner, Mike has publicly stated that he believes the county should establish ordinances directly addressing utility-scale solar prior to considering these projects. Mike believes these ordinances should address a litany of community concerns surrounding these projects including but not limited to decommissioning, wetland analysis, materials, and buffers/setbacks.

Fork Union Village

As a resident of Fork Union Village, it is not lost on Mike that the Village has seen its better days. As the Fork Union Supervisor, Mike will work with members of county staff to begin restoring the economic and aesthetic vibrance that once characterized the heart of our district.

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