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Contribute To Mike's Campaign

Your contributions are essential to running a successful campaign. Whether small or large, your contributions will help spread the word about Mike's campaign. Please consider the following as you make or pledge your contribution: 

  • There is no limit on campaign contributions in Virginia
  • So long as you are a legal resident of the United States, you may contribute to this campaign
  • Virginia law requires our campaign committee to record the name, mailing address, occupation, and primary employer of each person who donates to our campaign
  • Your information will not be reported if your contribution(s) do not exceed $100 for this campaign
  • Contributions are not tax deductible for federal income tax purposes
  • Contributions by foreign nationals are not permitted 

If you are making a campaign pledge, please mail your contribution checks to the following address after filling out the form below and selecting "I will mail this contribution."

Goad For Fork Union

PO Box 611

Fork Union, VA 23055

By clicking "continue," I affirm that i am a U.S. citizen or lawfully admitted resident of the U.S. and that I am at least 18 years old. 
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